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Re: A few blurbs I found regarding Hyperfocus

Originally Posted by Gogogirl View Post
HYPER FOCUS for me is about projects ... but also "over doing it" in conversations .... socializing ... thinking.... sleeping....

Im NOW determined to skip along on topics instead of digging in..

So im gonna end this..instead of writing a long long thingy

see getting better already
See, I get this one Gogogirl. And I think that's where something that's always felt like a bonus is feeling like a disadvantage right now.

Maybe my circles changed more frequently. Now that I've been in the same company roughly for 15 years those around me are growing weary of the latest big idea that takes up all the matter how hard I try to just bite my tongue and let someone else have a go.

Making me feel a little lonely, though I'm always saved by my longstanding best of friends for whom I'm probably a bit of an energiser much of the time.
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