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Re: Hyperfocus, Good or Bad?

For me its bad.

I feel like I can't control what I hyperfocus on well, if at all. Certain things just seem to set it off, random things that I find interest in will randomly trigger my hyperfocus.

To me, it is very similar to what was described, constantly thinking about it, doing it, reading about it, whatever it may be, trying to understand it from every angle. When it does hit me, it's hard to think about anything else.

The worst part is that I feel like I don't have a lot of control over what I focus on. To some extent I have learned to control it, for example if I find something that interests me, and I know it will be productive to pursue, I can at times trigger the hyperfocus. But more often than not, it is something inane or pointless that I end up hyperfocused on - and it can last for hours, or days, or even weeks.

The second worst part for me is the generally very abrupt end to my hyperfocus. I'm not sure why or how this occurs, but once I lose interest, well its gone. I go from being borderline obsessed with something to practically not caring about it at all. I hate that. I look back and think of all the hours and hours I've spent learning about or researching pointless things that give me no benefit and it is very frustrating.

Does this happen to other people too? The very abrupt end to hyperfocus and the extremes of obsession and indifference?
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