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Red face Re: Hyperfocus, Good or Bad?

Hyperfocus: My great tragic asset

For me, the ability to hyperfocus has been both a blessing and a curse. It is good and bad. I also believe that this "ability" defines my life.

* It sure makes writing difficult. Even simple responses - well, maybe not simple since its had such a profound impact on my life - on a forum are very difficult for me and I approach them as if I am writing a dissertation! There are just so many words, all needing to be spelled out, to find and organize to create a sentence. Then, they need to be punctuated. Next, many of these sentences need restructured and most likely restructured again. Finally they need to be placed in the proper order to create a clear and concise paper, letter, post, email, reply, response, or... what ever it is one happens to be writing. There must be an easier way! *

Now that I have that off my chest and twenty minutes later... I realize it is time to turn off the ADHD, quit procrastinating (I need to take out the garbage, which by the way, hasn't been done in two weeks), and go to sleep so that I can wake up at 5am and go to work. I surely do love walking the tightrope of controlled chaos that is my splendiferous "disorder..." Actually, I usually do, but the older I become, the more annoying it becomes.

Oh yea, in the last two nights combined I've only slept about six hours, yet here I read and type at midnight when I need wake very early and can barely hold my eyes open, although, this may be a result of leaving my contacts in for way too long. For some reason I absolutely detest going to sleep at night, though I love to sleep and often remain in bed for over twelve hours! What sense does that make Not to hijack your thread, but do any of you ever find yourself in similar predicaments or am I simply crazy lol?

Anyway, I'm gonna go now. Hopefully I'll finish this tomorrow when I am better rested as I feel there was something almost thought provoking to be said. Fare thee well and to all a goodnight, goodmorning, and good afternoon.

P.S. Typically, I'm not quite this ridiculous nor am I as bad off as I may have portrayed herein aside from my writing problem - that is, indeed, very real. Still, I hope you atleast enjoyed.

I am still ruled by it and have been unable to harness it; however, when I am finally capable of controlling it, hyperfocusing will allow me to turn my every goal and fantasy into reality, at least so I hope .
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