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Re: I left my son at home this morning without a ride to school

My son is a young adult now, who took a year off school after graduating high school.

He decided to work in construction full time with lots of overtime for one year. (Saved about 40 000 dollars in one year)

Now he is going to one of the top technical schools in our country, which he paid for himself, spending about 14 hours a day, working on his school work.

He also stays late to help other people in his class.

Ironically, he seems way more popular in college than he ever was in school.

Now he really likes going to school.

I am so happy he has found his thing. (Understatement)

Not sure what some members here are saying about maladaptive behaviour.

My son does what ever I ask of him and does his fair share of chores, I have always let him choose which chores he preferred.

(I have a bad back and we take transit, he has helped me get and carry groceries almost daily, since he was a kid)

Our relationship is his medication.

It is about “keeping our attachment and attunement relationship first and foremost”, to me.

I still get up and bring my son a cup of orange juice, etc, and go through the same routine in the morning.

My son sets his alarm for 10 minutes after I am suppose to wake up just in case I sleep in, or if I am not there, and gets his own orange juice, etc.

"When people are suffering mentally, they want to feel better—they want to stop having bad emotions and start having good emotions." (-Temple Grandin)
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