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Side Effects!

When I start to take 3 pills of Adderall XR 5mg I had side effects, well at first it's normal, I saw that eating while I am taking Adderall help, I had not much side effects but when at the end of the days the Adderall wear off it's bad, I got big side effects, it's very hard to deal with. It's seem like I got demons in me, I feel angry and edgy, I feel like screaming. Will thoses side effects go with time? Do any of you have to deal with the same side effects has me and if so what you do to deal with them? Also when I woke up I feel really bad and tired but once I take the Adderall it get better, I feel like doing more things, I am less sleepy, I am able to focus and be interest in thing, when I don't take the Adderall I feel like doing nothing and I feel tired. For me the Adderall XR 5mg 3 times doesn't work for long and I only see a little difference in me but still it better then nothing and if the side effects are the price to pay for just having a few hours of feeling better well I am ready to pay that price. I guess my doctor need to higher the dose, the one I take doesn't work that much and that long and I think I gonna ask him to put me on Adderall IR, I red it work faster and longer, also it's cheaper, why my doctor would not want to change it to IR that will be stupid not to if it's cheaper?
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