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Re: ''20 years old guy asking desperately for help''

Naxxar, depression doesn't necessarily mean constant sadness all the time. Plus there are many types of depression rather than major depression. Please don't write yourself off just because your symptoms don't seem like depression.

When I first went to see a therapist, I didn't meet the requirements for major depression, and the session just went over terribly, so I was turned off from the whole experience. The therapist wrote off my feelings as just being lonely and recommended I go to places that wasn't reasonable for my lifestyle. I never wanted to see a therapist again, I felt awful, I was embarrassed for sharing my feelings with someone who didn't care. It turned out that the therapist was just a douche. Later on, I met with other therapists who actually helped me. It was wonderful. I don't have all the answers even still, and that is quite frustrating, but I'm at least on a good road. (I, too, like to look up online to see what I might have. All those tests and quizzes have me pinned with every mental disorder ever recorded, which is false. Only a professional can truly diagnose us.)

Please meet with a professional and describe to him what you are describing to us. Your life is important, and your quest for healthiness and happiness is important as well. Thank you for telling us your story - I hope you get the help that you need and deserve.
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