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Unhappy Do I need to label him?

I posted previously about a man that I dated who has ADHD. I ended things with him and am trying to move forward and going out on dates with other men and focusing on taking care of myself, finding out my own interests (I have co-dependency and attachment issues). One thing that I am having trouble with is this whole thing with labeling people.

My therapist says that my ex-guy is a narcissist and a "sick" person and she has suggested I read a book about "avoiding narcissistic men". She thinks that I should be angry at him, that I was too nice in wishing him well, when I said goodbye. But really, how do I know that he is a bad or evil person...maybe he just wasnt into me, but didnt know how to tell me? Maybe he is just really lost and doesnt know how to be in a relationship. I do believe it is wrong to purposefully hurt people and to use and abuse people, especially if it is a pattern and you know what you are doing is wrong....but How do I know what his motives are or what he is dealing with? Should I be angry? Is it possible that he isnt a monster and just needs help?
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