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Re: College Student -"I think I have ADHD..."

I am 40 and have returned to college. Thank God for my Psychology professor and a lecture on ADD/ADHD. I swear, that lecture was all about me!! I am the one in class who blurts out answers, asks tons of questions, and interrupts. I am afraid I will lose my thought it I don't. After speaking with my professor he suggested that I see a psychiatrist for an evalution and read about the diagnosis so I can go into the office informed. Well I did yesterday and low and behold, I was diagnosed with ADHD and placed on Adderall xr 20mg a day.

All I can see is that you have absolutely noting to lose by talking with a professional. You are not crazy, airheaded, or uncaring. There are definitely treatments to help with symptoms. The first step is recognizing it. Good luck to everyone!!
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