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Re: Meeting with School Today

Exactly Tyger! Let's face it we can choose our career and what we do for the rest of our lives. He likely won't have a desk job and there are plenty of trades where he can be active and productive doing what he loves to do everyday. School is created as a one size fits all approach and not everyone learns the same way with or without ADHD. Yes, it is teaching you that sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do, work in a team, etc. But the facts you learn in school aren't really relevant for how I live my life. I'm not saying school isn't important. But I am concerned that self-esteem and anxiety issues could lead to huge issues down the line so his emotional and mental health are way more important to me then if he has written 10 sentences or 20 and if he has colored in his music homework or just identified the correct notes. I can see him turning to drugs/alcohol, falling into the wrong group of friends, etc. if he doesn't feel good about himself. After all the #1 priority is keeping them alive and on the right track to be productive, happy adults, right?? They already feel different and "weird" with ADHD so anything I can do to help that I will.
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