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Re: Meeting with School Today

I want to address a few points from above:
1. Who said you had to enjoy school to go to college? I freaking hated school, almost all aspects. I went to college because I wanted to earn more than 30K a year and didn't want to learn a trade.

2. As a parent with a 10th grader I feel I should warn you that K-7 was a breeze. 8th grade is where it gets complicated. The basics are learned over and over for a firm base. MANY MANY kids learn them and forget them after a week. Studies have shown that it is doing something over and over and over again that teaches kids the best.

3. If he is experiencing anxiety when things are not done then he should have more time to do them. Maybe even do them at home. I still don't think it is wise to limit the iterations.

4. It isn't the facts you learn in school that are relevant, school teaches you how to work your brain. At first you learn one thing, and you do it 100 times. Then you are learning 2 things, doing each 50 times, then you learn three things all at one time...but the time you get through high school you know yourself and your limitations far better than had you never been to school. Learning the exact year Columbus sailed isn't as important as knowing that those type of things happened. When he gets to college it won't be any different. He will still have to take general ed classes that made me want to pull my hair out! When will a chemist need music appreciation? NEVER! But it does make me a more well rounded person and introduced me to things I would not have come across.

5. I don't know a single kid who wants to do 20 problems over 10. they ant to get onto the NEXT thing, but having to do 20 is part of the learning process too. I can do math in my head super fast, or with a calculator beyond didn't come by doing half the problems as everyone else.

6. You are very concerned with his emotional and mental health. Have you ever considered he feels different because you tell him he is?

7. You said "I can see him turning to drugs/alcohol, falling into the wrong group of friends, etc. if he doesn't feel good about himself.", take it from me, NOOOOOOO teenager feels "good" about themselves. Definition of a teenager there. They are too fat, too thin, too many freckles, not enough freckles...I think my favorite one I heard was "my wrists are too thin, they are like pencils".....huh? What the heck does that matter? Other people here can comment more on the addiction side of life, but for my son it's about who he hangs out with, where and when. He is supervised, yes even at 15 he is supervised. If I don't know their parents he isn't going over there.

8. have you thought about giving him an outlet outside of schools to be social in? My son LOVES baseball. It's the glue that holds him together. Perhaps with your son it would be a sport or a cooking league?
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