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Does my child have ADHD?

I am wondering whether I should look into helping (testing) my six year old son. He loses EVERYTHING all the time and I am fed up of constantly telling him off when I know he is just vague. He is VERY hyperactive but in a way that I don't know means lively or not...he has always been VERY boisterous. He's big (he was 10Ib at birth) and he is literally larger than life. He shows off a lot and exhausts us as he climbs EVERYTHING. He is REALLY impulsive and I am always trying to teach him to THINK before he does anything...I am terrified he will kill himself one day!

As a baby he woke every two hours for 15 months and cried constantly. It was awful for everyone most of all for him of course.
If we put him to bed at a decent hour he will sing or whistle, get out of bed to drink...etc for the next hour at least...maybe two on a bad night.

He wants to know what is happening all the time and will hang around until he gets his response. He talks ALL the time and hums if not. Sitting still is a problem and one day recently when we stayed in the house all day (it never happens), he got really irritable and told me that he HAD to move! If I could describe him in short words I would say he is: intense, full on and vibrant. I adore him and he is popular among other children (he is REALLY nice and sensitive and funny) but I worry that he finds it literally painful to do nothing. He does draw without moving but is not a great reader. He needs action.

I have another son on the autistic spectrum (aspergers) so I wonder if I am reading too much into my youngest but I want to do things right by him. I don't want to change him EVER in any way but I want to make it all more comfortable for him as he is also very clumsy and breaks things often. I feel mean telling him to pay attention and stop losing things. I feel it is part of his impulsivity, that he can't help it. He is wired. I know how that feels as I am on the bipolar spectrum and am often unable to switch off but I no longer really know what is normal and what needs looking into for that very reason! I would welcome any advice. THANK YOU. My mum had attention problems at school.

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