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Do I have ADD or could it be another problem?

Right now I am in college and my gpa is really hurting, after the first semester I realized how bad I have done, I think I have gotten Cs and maybe 1 B in my classes. I want to major in mechanical engineering but with school going this way It just isn't going to happen unless I can solve what ever problem I have. I ended up having to drop out of Chemistry because what ever the teacher was saying in class would just go through my head after 5 minutes like my attention span is terrible.

I can always remember since elementary school I have never been able to actually get into a book, it is like I read 1 page and after that I am reading words and not comprehending the actual writing. I have told my parents this even throughout high school but they thought nothing of it. Unless the book is super interesting for me I can almost read it or it just isn't as hard.

I could also add that on my SATs I think I got a 1400 with the essay which I think is below average and it was because I couldn't concentrate.

Throughout middle school - high school I was getting average grades, like around 2.90 gpa or so, the problem was I never wanted to study, I was in AP classes with the same distraction problem and when it came time to study I would just always get off task, I would pretty much get Ds and Cs on all of my tests because of this. I am also always procrastinating homework and papers, I will always get them done but always the night/morning that it is due.

I am disorganized too, my school binder is always a mess and so is my room just clothes all over the place.

As far as that I don't know if it is just I am lazy or what.

I also know I have a social problem, not sure if its social anxiety or if its part of add. Ever since I was little I was known as a shy person. It is just hard for me to to hold out a full conversation with people, its like I just don't know what to say and if I do say something it is just something dumb. It is easier for me to talk to friends but still it is hard for me to really get into a conversation because I always ask my self what is there to talk about but can't really think of anything. Even with family members like grandparents and aunts uncles I can't really have a conversation. It is like I am thinking but don't know what to say. I feel like this is why I really didn't gain any friends or have a friendship outside of school in middle and high school, I only have a few friends from elementary school and a few people I grew up with. Even girls, I have only had one girl friend in middle school and not even sure how I managed, just kind of makes me mad because I don't know what to say which it is more of just talking to a girl, it is just people in general.

I am thinking about telling my parents that I would like to see a psychiatrist but just seeing what you all think here first.

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