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Re: Do I have ADD or could it be another problem?

It's worth being checked out. For many, many years, I always walked around with this "is it just me?" type of feeling for many of my shortcomings. I am 100% convinced I have ADHD. I have been to two doctors, and both have even diagnosed me, thought reluctantly. I never got the sense that they really believed me. I hope after the holidays are over, to finally buckle down and find another new doctor and hope someone can truly understand or offer some help for me.

Enough about me (sorry...). Yeah, as far as the shortcomings you addressed, it is definitely worth looking into it. Go, and hope that medicine or some coaching will help. At the very least, if you get diagnosed with ADHD, you will at least feel some relief as to why some of the shortcomings seem to exist.

All the best to you!
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