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All disease is preventable (simplified with references added)

Letter sent out

A definition of the molecular mechanisms underlying the observations which you’ve become famous for
I apologise for writing this email without any form of pleasantry, and do so because I know that your time is limited and wanted to get straight to the point. I’ve included my CV as the simplest way of describing who I am.
The conclusion that I provide is as follows
disease (actually ALL problems which man face) are preventable.
What do you think ?
Prevention requires one simple intervention.
The simple realization that as of the emergence of Homo sapiens sapiens and what we call ‘mind’ – that the mind’s proper usage is to be educated to moral nature – which may culminate in the acquisition of the state of wisdom.

To be clear – I am suggesting that the solution to all:
-- common complex disorders,
-- monogenic disorders,
-- infectious diseases (including the common cold),
-- neurological disorders
-- mental disorders
-- dental disease
… … as well as cancer – just to list the disease types, may be solved by the intervention listed above.
For the purposes of this email, I will restrict myself to mechanisms underlying disease alone – though, as mentioned, I believe that ALL problems which man face – are solved using the intervention as stated above.

After over 30 years / 50,000 posts online (in molecular mechanisms underlying disease), I believe that I can put the whole picture together and can provide a mechanism to the work that the three of you have dedicated your lives to. I am going to attempt to do this in just 20 points as I know you’re very busy people. I’ve typed this up in a few minutes and so apologies if there’re any typos.

Here’s the scheme

1. The human mind wants to be ‘free’ which occurs through acquiring morality (one of two components (the other component is the development of personal quality) underlying what education is supposed to connote) and then wisdom.

2. The human mind in our current society is forced to operate immorally (to strive towards making money) within a defined hierarchy – this is distressful on these two levels.

3. The workplace is therefore stressful because the individual cannot become ever better in some character which is in the species’ best interests.

4. The individual is forced to compete (from kindergarten to death) and not collaborate – which results in the individual (all individuals) being under chronic distress from birth to death.

5. Epidemiology is confounded because there is no appropriate control population to show that human beings are stressed. See Note#1

6. Chronic stress leads to cortisol resistance syndrome (eg See Cohen, PNAS, 2012) and loss of control of the inflammatory response.

7. Inflammation underlies all common, complex disorders (eg See Hunter, EMBO, 2012).

8. Chronic stress leads to Comfort eating of foods (foods as stimulant – blood glucose elevation eg sugar/starch and glutamate-rich eg meat/parmesan) which lead immediately and reactively to diabesity whilst simultaneously destroying diversity in the gut biome.

9. Loss of gut biome results in the intestinal barrier being compromised allowing bacteria to enter the bloodstream – the LPS making up the bacterial cell wall triggers the inflammatory response resulting in activation of an already dysregulated (point 6) immune system.

10. Continuing on from point 8 – blood glucose elevation results in Insulin production and glutamate/aspartate-seeking necessarily results in high protein consumption results in IGF-1 production. Exactly as we see in point 6 chronic hyperglycaemia results in insulin resistance.

11. It has been well documented that fasting results in very significant health benefits through autophagy to remove and stem cell activation to replace cell types (eg See Longo, Cell, 2014).

12. Autophagy may be considered an approach to repairing an aspect of the cell if it’s broken or removal of the cell if it’s beyond repair (eg See Thorburn, Nat Cell Biol, 2014).

13. Autophagy ensures that the process of meiosis and mitosis occur without error (failure will give rise to de novo mutation in developmental disorder and somatic mutation in cancer) (eg See Yamamoto, Genes Cell, 2016).

14. Autophagy operates through apoptosis and is the means by which the body deselects self-antigens and the B cells reactive to harmless (eg grass pollen) environmental triggers.

15. To re-iterate the consequences listed in points 9 – 14 arise from point 2 – the inability to work towards and develop a moral mind and then personal quality.

16. The points above (eg 1,2 and 6) would give rise to a world in which people help the poor into sustainable and clean (strong association between lack of hygiene and disease epidemics) lives with proper foods (not factory farmed foods which encourage the emergence of infectious micro-organism) and the paper in point 6 connects chronic distress to susceptibility to the common cold.

17. Point 2 opens the door to understanding mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety – because I’m stating that the mind has a higher calling (to become moral) and that enforced immorality results in mental disquiet.

18. Neurological disorders – as point 4 states – life in a competitive environment leads to competitive (contact) sports – where we’re now seeing all contact sports involving head trauma showing an association to dementia; this line of thought should be taken alongside the strong association between Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes – covered in point 10.

19. The consequence of fasting is to increase b-hydroxybutyrate in the body which is a HDACinhibitor (See Shimazu, Science, 2013) and is analogous to Valproic acid (also a HDACi) and a treatment for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and epilepsy.

20. Epilepsy benefits from GABAergic or glutamate receptor antagonists (See point 8); note that activation of the pro-GABAergic system will be relaxing (as it’s the mechanism of action of the benzodiazepenes).

So – there you have it – 30 years and 50,000 posts simplified into 20 points.

Just bringing it all together - to be clear – I am suggesting that the solution to all:
-- common complex disorders,
-- monogenic disorders,
-- infectious diseases (including the common cold),
-- neurological disorders
-- mental disorders
-- dental disease
… … as well as cancer – just to list the disease types, may be solved by the intervention listed above.

Note#1 -- I believe that it is possible to demonstrate this line of thought by looking at cortisol sensitivity in a standard Western population vs the Mount Athos monastery population as our control to counter Point 5 and I’d like to ask for some help in conducting this epidemiological study as I am trained in molecular medicine and not epidemiology.
ADHD understood - simple matter of defining purpose (morality) of mind
See Stabile 'enforced moral consistency' ~15 years ago, nothing else since has been of any relevance to ADHD.
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