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Re: All disease is preventable (simplified with references added)

Now - people will want to see how ^^^ results in the problems they face in daily life.

All ADDers have a problem in that they cannot concentrate on what they're told to concentrate on.
Attempts lead to stress lead to failure.
The inability to focus leads to the incapacity to develop - and so ADDers can be disabled by an insensitive society - starting from an early time-point.
In the absence of developing personal quality (often becoming of much lower quality than nonADDers) - reward is required through extreme measures ie highly stimulating pursuits in order to supply reward in a systme which is custimized to acquire reward from learning/creative expression.
Something good turns bad in an insensitive environment.

The ADDer is discarded from society and is unable to obtain reward - all of the various news stories about ADDers making up the largest part of prison, engaged in danger sports, being drawn to risky.criminal behaviours - then make sense.

The simple solution - is to see that as long as we make one realization - that the point of the human mind is not to know stuff but to confer a personal and deep sense of morality - that all then works out find for nonADDers and ADDers alike.

Important note - I've spent >15 years following up the statement that ADDers represent an evolutionary speciation event - I can now close off an underlying explanatory model for ALL problems of man - through invoking a fleshed out version of the ideas listed in this thread.

We are in the midst of an emergent evolutionary speciation event where informational sensitivity (mechanism revealed above) is occurring - and as with speciation events - the nonADDer type (Homo sapiens sapiens) will dies off - so strongly survival supportive is the novel structure that's to be found within the heads of ADDers.

An underlying mechanism by which reality captivated - people will be drawn back into reality and away from the escapism of computer games, video games and gossip.

Reality is set (by emergent evolutionary event) to become ever more captivating - all we need see - is that reality does not change - we do - a form of awakening or opening of eyes - since the increased capacity to acquire information arises through development of circuitry buried (and growing out fro,) within our cortex.

Presumably - sensitivity has been evolutionarily selected from our time as animals where sensitive senses were required to ensure we survived.

The novel quality emerged and then gave rise to a species in which quality was the reason for living as opposed to the mechanism by which survival was ensured.

And that is the end of the story.

Time for society to begin again.
ADHD understood - simple matter of defining purpose (morality) of mind
See Stabile 'enforced moral consistency' ~15 years ago, nothing else since has been of any relevance to ADHD.
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