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Re: All disease is preventable (simplified with references added)


Only one mechanism need be considered.

The cure for consumerism (over-eating) is asceticism (fasting).

"Autophagy is a catabolic membrane-trafficking phenomenon that occurs in response to dramatic changes in the nutrients available to yeast cells, for example during starvation for nitrogen [IGF-1,protein] or carbon [Insulin,blood glucose elevation] (111, 116) or on challenge with rapamycin, a macrolide antibiotic whose effects mimic starvation."

--> low GI Veggies + MU_FA/Omega3_FA/MCT_FA

"Autophagy principally serves an adaptive role to protect organisms against diverse pathologies, including infections, cancer, neurodegeneration, aging, and heart disease."

The trick would be fasting and eating as above when we eat.
This diet isn't possible unless we're free from stress - see rat park where appetite changes from stimulant/narcotic to neutral (rejection of drugs) when happy.
Glutamate (protein) + Starch/sugar (blood glucose elevation) -> are potent stimulants required when depressed by life amongst stupid aggressive human beings.
ADHD understood - simple matter of defining purpose (morality) of mind
See Stabile 'enforced moral consistency' ~15 years ago, nothing else since has been of any relevance to ADHD.
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