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Nutrients to combat constant exhaustion

More than likely you need a few vitamins.

Order yourself a b-12 SUBLINGUAL with a high dose, specifically methylcobalamine or simply cobalamine. You must avoid cyanacobalamine, which is inferior and uses up many of the nutrients in your body just to convert this form to a useable form, and by the time the conversion is done it is hardly able to perform, don't make your body work hard for nothing.

Along with b-12 you should take Folate (not folic acid). In addition to these, I know this sounds counterintuitive but take a Bcomplex which will cover the b1 and other b vits that adderall will drain your system of (well that is iff you pee a lot on adderall).

Also you need to start taking zinc! Addy uses a lot of zinc (it's hard to find a lot of info on the nutrients adderall zaps but that's one and I've noticed improvement since I started taking this) I take zinc gluconate, take at least 50 mg if not a hundred. I suggest taking 100 mg every four days or so and then alternating with a kelp supplement (for both the iron and iodine, separate from zinc bc of absorption block of zinc by iron) for the remaining three days. This way you replace the zinc you've been depleting and also keep your iron levels balanced with your zinc levels.

You need to take a ****load of vitamin d if you aren't already. Take 25,000 to 50,000 at least, in one big dose weekly (daily doses can hurt sensitive stomachs, but it's fat soluble, better to dose this way).
If you're taking a multivitamin, throw it out. Many of the minerals conflict with each other so you're only getting maybe half of what you need from it anyway, pointless to block yourself from vital nutrients. Better to stagger your intake, strategically.

Lastly, keep in mind that adderall zaps your electrolytes. Drink coconut water daily, and consider trying out the sports electrolyte gels that marathon runners use. Other users have posted more methods for electrolyte replacement, but that alone will explain many of the crappy symptoms adderall saddles us with.

These things should all boost your energy. Everyone is b-12 deficient in the states, in addition to magnesium, iodine, zinc, and several others. This is bc of out processed food diets, our caffeine and sugar intake, plus soil depletion which robs our foods of the entire nutritional profile they boasted a hundred years ago, not to mention that animal waste fertilizers used in organic foods provide methyl groups which in-organic foods do not get from chemical fertilizers... I could go on. Clean up your diet and take these vital nutrients and you should start feeling better,

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