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Re: Tired all the time

From my personal experience, I could tell that after really difficult bowel/guts issues (that last for over a year), It increased fatigue, attention problem, anxiety, oxidative stress, immune system problems.

My nervous system and overhall wellness isn't the same like it use to be and I am pretty sure that this part of my life had an influence. I guess stimulants meds don't help and I will probably never be the same as I use too but I'm more aware of symptoms and how to deal with it.

For me (Remember that everyone have his unique condition), what make's a big improvement quick was first, Probiotics but mainly, raising GSH trough Lyposomal Glutathione.

It seem that a lot of chronic illness (and fatigue issue) could benefit from raising GSH. Just remember that here is a lot of approach on how to do it and I might suggest to get in touch with a Integrative Practitioner or Naturopath for a better point of view.

Hope it could help ..
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