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Re: helping him stick to something

Originally Posted by BellaVita View Post
I have a suggestion, it might sound crazy but maybe it'll help. Try telling him that maybe he should just allow himself to "be" without guilting himself or making himself feel bad that he doesn't have a passion/hobby that he completes. Tell him he is good already as he is.

Maybe he needs a "mind break" from thinking about trying to find a passion/hobby, maybe he just needs space to be.

Some ADHD'ers end up happier just going from acitvity to activity, never fully mastering one, because that's just how their brain works. Maybe he has internalized pressure from society to become good and master something over the years, and maybe he needs to let go of that internal guilt and shame.

He might end up finding out he is actually okay with skipping from thing to thing. Maybe that's how he keeps himself stimulated, dabbling a bit in different activities.
Yes. Couldn't agree more.
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