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Re: 200mg Concerta

Originally Posted by CharlesH View Post
What are your expectations for how the meds should affect you? Often, people have unrealistic expectations for how the meds should operate long term.

One reason why is that stimulant meds often provide boost in energy/motivation for the first few days. But this effect goes away.

Long term, the meds should help with focusing, but it's still up to you to decide what tasks to direct your attention to.
The effects make me focused, stick to a task, motive, haven't experaince any side effects either, I know people chase the high feeling. But i didn"t do it for that reason, i generally was reading up online about this medication, I come across people taking stupidly high amounts of adderall/ritalin/concerta, I realised i had concerta, my impulsive kicked in, so i took 144mg, was waiting for this "high" feeling everyone talks about, next day took 200, Exremaly bad side effects, dry mouth that was causing bleeding in the mouth, I felt like i was gonna have a panic attack at some points, My chest was just twitching, I released i fuc*** up
i didn't take any medication for 2 days, took 72mg (doctor increased medication, Never worked, so i was generally thinking i was taking placebos.

Few weeks later i got increased to 90mg, I still feel nothing, but i realised i abused my medication, I'v got 200mg tolerance and my brain isn't going to forget it, A member from this website is generally really helping with my mistake, I'v had a break since sunday, took 90mg today (tuesday) felt focused, Like i thought my tolerance is actually lowered, Couple hours later the effect disappered. So i'm taking 2 weeks break from the medication..

Is it parement tolerance?
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