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Re: 200mg Concerta

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
I think you are maybe using the word tolerance to describe something that happened to you that isnt necessarily tolerance. You abused the drug and wanted certain effects that you did not get. Now that you are not getting any of those good affects you are wondering if you gave yourself permanent tolerance right? I dont know if such a thing physically exists but mentally the compulsion to take more than prescribed will be hard to combat. You know what its like when the med works and are impatient for it to work again so the cycle of taking more and more starts back up again. How about trying a different med?
I'v requested for Elvanse, But doctor saying it's to "weak" for me, I tried request Strattera but he doesn't think it's a good idea due to side effects that i use to get from it, There the only two options in the UK i can think off, I know that i won't do it again and it was one hell of a stupid mistake. I know once my tolerance is back to basic, I will stick to the basic dose i'm meant to be on
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