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Re: End of the line

Originally Posted by Surf2live View Post
I know I’m late responding to this
But this is my exact problem
I’m always justifying myself or making excuses
I need to stop and think before I speak
This is the only real issue when all is said and done
I can not control my mouth. Before I know it I’ve said this and that and turned a simple little thing into WWlll. What can I do to remind myself in that time of stress and anxiety to not speak right away? I know what I have to say or do but before I do that I’ve ruined it with my mouth

The problem is a simple one. You are letting your thoughts and emotions, which are passing ephemeral things with no real substance, control you as though they are real things that require you to act on them.

I had, and have, the same problem. There's a difference between experiencing anger and realizing "I am angry" and letting it go at that, and being compelled to step into it and act it out because you have no separation, no distance to see what your emotions and thoughts really are, which is to say, insubstantial.

If this makes any sense to you, get the following app on your smart phone: 10% happier. And then start practicing meditation religiously. Yes, some of the content on the app costs money. But there's a lot of free content, guided meditations, that you can try out and see if it's helpful to you.

I can't tell you how helpful it is, or has been for me, with what you've just described. I've read parts of some of your posts in this thread and I realize you have other, big problems, including with your marriage, but mindfulness and meditation have been shown to help greatly with ADHD in other ways than the one I just described as well. It helps you to focus, to stay in the moment, to slow down and deal with reality as it comes, to be present for those you love. And, it works wonders with stress and anxiety, if you practice it when needed.

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