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Re: End of the line

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
I developed an internal pause button- I literally tell myself to 'hit pause' before I respond when its something intense. I learned that not everything deserves an immediate answer. I am not always good at this but I have gotten better. I also know that I do not owe someone an immediate answer. If someone asks me to do something I am allowed to say "can I think about that and get back to you"?

UnFortunately I just wrote a three page response to your post, but my stupid phone didnít have service and it got deleted basically the same thing as happened two days in a row where Iím confronted with a situation and instead of me stopping and thinking a rattle off reasons for why I did something I know it sounds minor but this is been going on for six years and my wife canít take it anymore, she says sheís developed this anger and rage inside her sheís never had and I see it spill over when she talks to my son, this is killing me how do I learn to stop not say anything in a time of high stress or anxiety
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