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Re: Paralysis

Originally Posted by Greyhound1 View Post
I tend to suffer paralysis thatís usually caused by over analysis. Over thinking seems to be my catalyst for paralysis.
Definitely! I was working on a referral note and got sidetracked by a poorly worded item. So that led to looking up "affect" and noticing that various sources include more than others with it, which led to looking up those sources, which led to looking up what they included that was different and why, which led to...hours wasted. And no finished note. And ultimately, whatever finished product I put forth, it is just a darn referral note! Do I really think anyone is going to be critiquing that? I might as well write, "Hey, found this odd thing. Please check for x, y, z and any other thing you feel appropriate. Thanks."

I'm writing "don't over-analyze" on a piece of tape to put on my computer above the screen.
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