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Re: Paralysis

When my paralysis was at it's absolute worse, say when applying for jobs cause I absolutely hate doing that and could never get myself to even start doing it, only one thing works.

A body double. Someone sitting there with me. They were either helping me find a job (i.e. they would search for jobs while I filled out applications) or they were doing paperwork of their own unrelated to my task.

For things that weren't as severe, working in an absolutely empty room (barring desk and chair) with white walls and no sound at all helped me tremendously for some reason. I think we are very sensitive to external stimulus so limiting it helped a lot. Actually, wearing industrial sound proofing headphones helped too. Some people listen to music and that helps them.

Don't have wifi turned on on your computer for tasks that don't require the internet.

For tasks that don't involve paperwork but say mindless, manual labor, singing helps me. Something to take the pain away while working basically.
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