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Dear Joan,
what you are writing about in the quoted passages below, is what career counsilors say you should be doing. It as common knowledge not to change careers until you have had several Informational Interviews. Those are interviews where you go to find out something about that persons job and career, just to evaluate if this career is right for you. A possible problem with this is that some careers are so individually personal that not much is transferable from person to person. However, most careers have plenty of co-workers or people who are following the same career path that you should be able to find someone who can be a representative of that career.
Just my 2 cents' worth,

Originally posted by joanrdtobe
Paul: Well you must have someone who is like a professional role model....

So I would like to add another career changing strategy: Find someone who is doing what you would like to be doing and talk to them a lot....and see if they will be your mentor.....This is different from a career advisor.....The career advisor is just a career advisor...The mentor is doing what you want to be doing.....and gives lots of guidance, ideas and suggestions.....
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