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Re: Supplements specifically for inattentive type?

Originally Posted by mctavish23 View Post
There are no long term studies,published in mainstream, peer reviewed journals, supporting any nutritional/dietary supplement as a clinical treatment for ADHD.
For now, those don't impact the treatment of ADHD.
You might have some valid points that you are trying to convey but most of you intended message is lost when you make a statement like the one above.

I think most of the folks that are on the alts site are open to different points of view, but making some of these absolute statements do not help anyone. This is especially true when some folks here find supplements to be very beneficial. It might not be a treatment for you, but it is for them.

I don't remember anyone here suggesting that people should dump all their meds and get on supplements. I think meds can be good for some. Meds are useful for those who don't have any major side effects and are comfortable taking stimulants long term. For others supplements are a valid alternative.

Most folks here are just sharing their positive experiences with supplements. If it doesn't help some, they shouldn't use it. It's that simple. It doesn't particularly require a lengthy dissertation or research reports. It just requires common sense.
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