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Re: Supplements specifically for inattentive type?

Individual experiences are unique for that person and their circumstances.

No one can take that away.

Who is to say what is right or wrong for them?

I'm certainly not, anymore than a reporter "agrees" with the news.

Reporting something I know to be true doesn't imply judgement.

Quoting the research is nothing more than reporting what it says.

It isn't personal,it's data.

My concern is to provide up to date, accurate information .

What people do or don't do with it,is entirely up to them.

I would hope that most people would want as much information as possible,in order to

make informed decision's for themselves and their families.

IMO the connection between "helpful," "work(s)," and other statements of implied

efficacy, are explicitly connected with the science behind the disorder.

Research is definately slow.

However, it's always in flux.

ADHD is complicated neurobiological disorder.

The research behind the science is far from over.

In the time I've been here (FORUM), I believe,or at least hope, that I've been clear

about my motives.

No disrespect or deliberate difficulties are intended.

The exception would be the "it's not real" contingent,whom I have approached

like a middle linebacker.

Yesterday, I received a book in the mail that I ordered a couple of weeks ago.

It's entitled :

ADHD in Adults : What the Science Says.

by Russell Barkley, Kevin Muphy & Mariellen Fischer

Guilford Press (2008)

Chapter 11 is entitled : "Health,Lifestyle, Money Management, and Driving."

What I've read so far has been very interesting.



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