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Re: Supplements for the treatment of ADHD, Scientific Evidence/Research

I am skeptical of supplements and alternative treatments that have not been scientifically proven.

However, I may try an alternative that has not been scientifically proven, in addition to medication, (not as a substitute) provided the cost and time involved are minimal.

For example, I do take Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements, which may possibly improve ADHD symptoms. Of course, I was taking the supplements before diagnosis, so if it did help, it wasn't by much. Since taking Omega 3 is good for your heart and health anyway, it's a no brainer. Doesn't involve a lot of time or money.

Am I going to do neurofeedback for my ADHD? Not at this point. The time involved and the cost is prohibitive and at this point in time, there is not the extensive scientific research and evidence to prove it is as effective or more effective than medication.

I would not want to waste my time and money on those things that have not been proven to be effective.

Exercise can be helpful for some aspects of ADHD but again, it is not a substitute for medication. However, exercise is good for many other reasons, so it may just give me another reason to motivate me to take that walk!

I also learned something in a Marketing class that I took that is useful to remember. In advertising, a company can say that their product "helps", even if the amount of "help" it provides is minimal. But when most people hear that something "helps", we generally assume it makes a significant contribution. If something "helps" my ADHD by improving problem symptoms by 5% yet is tremendously expensive or time-consuming, I'm not going to go for it. It's the basic cost-benefits analysis. And everyone has to make that decision for themselves as to what they are willing to spend time and money on.

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