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Re: Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?

Hmm. 100+ reads but no responses.

Well anyway, yeah, my testosterone level was low, it was at 271, now my doc just wants to keep an eye on it, but uh, I'm asking he reconsiders, chart I found online clearly points out I'm below the 5% percentile (I'm 44).

Here's the link:

So guys and gals, at least for me, I truly believe I have found at least one cause for the PI part of ADHD-PI, not having enough testosterone. Women need a certain amount too.

Really, I've been self continued to be self-motivated, go to bed early and get up early, exercise regularly and lose weight, assert myself in a positive manner, just gotten tons of stuff done, and taking on some personal projects I have wanted do.

I'm totally self motivated, I can't believe the turnaround just in a couple of weeks. I really think my ADHD itself is really a minor thing, but majorly aggravated by lack of testosterone. So I implore anyone who has the PI part, just try D-Aspartic acid for a week or so, see if you don't notice a MAJOR difference.

I'll probably give an update in 2-4 weeks, just in case anyone is following...

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