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Re: How much text can you read per week unmedicated ?

Originally Posted by userguide View Post
500 ?
I wonder how much you can read on ritalin then , 5000 ?

Could you read 500 every day though ? week after week ?
Well, I can sit down and read them. But it's not very useful, was my point.

I once loaned this 500ish page book from a friend that I really wanted to read, but procrastinated until the last moment, and had to return it when we met the next day.

So I read the whole book in one evening.

I barely remembered anything from the book as I finished it. Maybe 1-2 pages that really caught my attention.

I read it, as in my eyes moved over the words, but I don't retain any info.

On Ritalin/Elvanse, I read just as much, but remember a bit more. Maybe a whole 5 pages worth!
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