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Re: Adult and Child ADHD Assessment Centres in UK

im struggling too in st albans, ive been trying to get to see someone on the list here 20miles away for 3 weeks but cant seem to get very far so was trying to find someone else, ive made a few phone calls and been pased from clinic to clinic, but lack of energy and anxiety overtakes me.

theres a guy in st albans who does child adhd so i rang the clinic and they sugested another doctor but they were on holiday, but they couldnt tell me much about them.

i keep asking if theres some way of finding clincians private or nhs who have the ability to treat adhd, but it just simply seems to be word of mouth, so far only through adhd support groups.

my GP just shrugs his sghoulders when i ask if he can find someone, even private, nhs ones are so few.

I cant beleive there isnt a directory of some kind, but al there seems to be is a list of doctors names etc with no details.

makes me wonder how these people get their business, maybe its just random.

it cant be acceptable, surly something could be done. google throws up too many usless hits to help much.

but basically for your gp to prescribe the medication you would most likely need a psychiatrist to recomend that treatment. your lucky if you find a gp that would be confident enough to do so othwerise, but your diagnosis from the US should still count, and if it doesnt it should be enough for refereal to nhs sppecialist clinic but i only know 3 in england.

so far the only adhd clinciians who have treated me have previously practiced mostly in america, and ive heard about from other patients.
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