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Re: Still fighting for my ADHD son's rights, researching and I found this~must read!!

I'm a teacher with ADHD. I teach 3 grades and have large classes.

I arrive at school mostvdays by 7AM. The first class doesn't begin until 8:30AM. I frequently don'T leave school until 7-8PM . When I leave it is because I am tired not because I am through with my work.

I take medication. My job would be completely unmanageable without it.

While a parent might think a teacher with ADHD would automatically be understanding and accomodatiing of students with ADHD it is acutally more challenging to attempt to manage multiple levels of student differences and abilities in multiple class periods.

School administrative systems seem to automatically assume that there is no such thing as teachers who struggle with the same challenges tbeir students do. Expectations are not modified. There are no IEP's or 504's.

I take my medication because report card grades are due at the same time for every child no matter what personal challenges a teacher migbt face.

Many adults do not grow out of it and we e d up trying to do our best in the real world. Parents may not want tbeir child to have a teacher who struggles with ADHD. Put your child in a grown up body in the teacher's role to try to gain some perspective from a different point of view.

I am able to empathize with students who struggle with ADHD and but lime the student who struggles wjth it , I am expected to get my job done despite the absence of any accomodations for me. Parents don't wa tme to take extra time to grade an assignment, fo us on teaching a concept exclusively to one or two students in the room despite the other 20 students who also need to learn it in their own way, and tney don't want to hear teacners whine about how hard their job is when they don't have ADHD, much less when they do.

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