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Re: Attention: Does anyone here not Reccomend Meds? Or had a bad Experience themself?

Okay.. Well. There are good and bad sides to ALL medications, including "vitamins and supplements". Gym junkies spend so much time "perfecting" their body that they are so blind to the fact that a lot of what they're doing is causing more harm than good. Too many supplements can damage the liver, many of them interact badly with each other but they stay on the market because it's not properly documented due to it being mostly over the counter and people become their own advisors from stuff they read off the internet.

How does this tie in with ADHD medication? Well, doctors have been prescribing this medication for decades yet despite this, there is only a handful of doctors that truely have a good understanding and belief in it, and are willing to treat it, especially in adults, and especially in Australia. I can't really speak for those in other countries but i know over here it's a section 8 controlled drug, usually a psychiatrist has to prescribe stimulants, we only really have dex and ritalin available, if a GP prescribes it like mine does, they have to get a psychiatrist to authorise and every script is logged with the government and a physical is required on a regular basis to ensure there are no major side effects. The handful of doctors that i've been in contact with are closely monitored and some have been investigated for excessive stimulant prescriptions, despite them clearly stating that they specialise in the area. I kind of went off track here but the point i was trying to make is that stimulant medication in particular, in my country, is so closely monitored that if there were a huge risk in long term use, it would have been recognised, reported and they would have been banned.

Benzo's and pain killers are highly addictive and cause all manner of problems, not to mention the risk of death from withdrawal, the contraceptive pill can affect fertility, OH, and EVERYTHING gives you cancer..

Now onto some everyday products.. Coke rots the stomach, ibuprofen causes stomach ulcers, alcohol kills brain cells, tobacco gives you lung and throat cancer, the sun gives you skin cancer, computers give you brain cancer, phones give you ball cancer, HECK, you can even die from drinking too much water!

If you stopped to worry about all the things in your life that MIGHT lead to some horrible ending, you'd end up in a corner of a psych hospital too scared to move.

We're all going to die of something, we also all know our bodies better than anyone. It's good to be cautious when it comes to what we put in our bodies, but we also need to weight up the pros and the cons and decide for ourselves based on experience rather than depend on what the latest propaganda video wants us to believe..

Documentaries aren't fact, they're opinions. We all have them and they're all different, it's up to us to decide what we take away from them.
Unfortunately the media thrives on the negative, we love to read about how bad something is so we can get on our high horses and shake our fists, the good stories are often pushed to the bottom of the page because there is no controversy to make them popular.

I probably haven't helped at all here, in fact i'm hyperfocused to the max and rambling on and wishing i would just stop, but i can't. Funnily enough, i'm off my meds at the moment and honestly, i don't like the results.
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