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Re: Attention: Does anyone here not Reccomend Meds? Or had a bad Experience themself?

I've tourettes & my 11 year old son has both ADD & tourettes. I've had horrific experiences with medications for my tourettes, and actually became mentally ill and couldn't work for a year because of the medication, Xyprexa. (bad experience with Haldol also.)Most other meds made me too sleepy to do much, or didn't do anything. They've tried many drugs on me. I know some people where drugs really helped; however I know others who have had problems like me. You take your chance!

My son Jimrick was doing very poorly in school because of ADD, starting at 6 years old. He lives in the Philippines where they don't seem to treat everything with a drug like in the US, where I am from. We took him to a tutoring school in Antipolo, that helps kids like him with learning problems, and now he's doing great. He still makes a few faces and sounds (pig noises mostly) from the tourettes, but the special tutoring really helped him deal with his ADD.

It's all up to the person, if they want to try the drugs. New ones are out all the time. They might work, they might not. I want my son making his own choices when he's old enough. Doctors love trying different meds on me! They stopped having doctors prescribe meds for me and I had to go to a psychiatrist who specialized in prescribing drugs, but they still don't always have enough knowledge to always make the right decisions, because drugs effect different people, different ways. And on so many of the drugs many doctors ae just learning all the effects.

My biggest problem, (when they put me on Xyprexa), was started because dentists would not work on me, because of my tourettes. I didn't want drugs, but had no choice. I had a bad tooth. They insisted I take a medication to get my tooth worked on because of my ticks. So a doctor said, lets try Xyprexa. I then had extreme nightmares, even when awake. I got very suicidal, and for some reason mentally, could not put my hands below my waist. I was mostly lost and couldn't rmember how to get places. had to quit working and doctors suggested I simply get on government aid and not work any more. Though they stopped the medication, the illness stayed. They claimed the effects would just go away. They didn't. I was in specialists offices numerous times for a year. They even had me on multiple medications trying to make my thoughts normal again. After trying Respidol, I started to think clearly, and I am now taking nothing and hope to stay that way. With the Respidol, my tics mostly went away, but I prefer having the tics and not being on any drugs. Maybe I'll have to take something again, because the tics keep getting worse, but only if it effects my work too much. I could care less about what other people think about my tics. (I'm a professional pianist & happily working again) Would I put my son on drugs for his ADD? Only for a drastic situation.
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