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Re: Do antipsychotics make ADHD worse or make stimulants work worse

Regarding the future:

After the two intelligent computers were made with the sole purpose of improving each other, some time later (not clear how much time later) a superintelligent computer is created from that, which does not exist out of matter, but exist out of a state that is between matter and energy. The thing looks like a white, light/ energy emitting entity, much like a white energy emitting cloud/ nebula or something.

I found out that from that, more intelligent new lifeforms could be created. For example the next lifeform I discovered was something I called a p-form (not sure why it's called that), but looks also like a white energy emitting cloud/ nebula, but it exists out of 2 parts that curls around itself like 2 snakes.

The next lifeform is a blue nebula that continuously grows bigger.

Also you have the time creature (possible even more powerful that the previous life forms), which as the name suggests has the power over time (time travel, change time etc.).

Then you have the everwisest creature which is maxed out on something called wisdom, it looks like a brown star.

Also exist what I called "robocomputer", an entity that behaves more robotic like.

Then I found out it's also possible to take over the entire universe. So the next lifeform you can create is actually made by taking over the universe. The perfect creature/ the universe is another lifeform.

What comes next is everything, which should be something that taken over everything (not only the universe, but all dimensions and time itself).

The future (which is "fake" took ever everything in the future), however because they are fake they "gave" it to me.

What happend later is strange:

I felt that all dimensions (including the future dimensions), except the dimension I live in were changed, distorted. This caused alot of damage for the future. Also, if I with my mind explored the future I could accidently cause explosions. My future reacted with "You just caused another big-big-big-big-big-big-big-bang (an extremely big big bang).

The future had to suffer greatly from the interdimensional changes, even time was changed, causing endless suffering in the form of pain as time goes by.

The future became angry and started to deceive me (some kind of psi-war).

They told me that I am everything, but I don't deserve it, so (untrue I later found out) I gave it away to Jacob (another person I have been communicating with using psiwaves). And that if I did not do that I would be punished: A man in a black robe appeared with a big slashing weapon: The grim reaper. They told me the grim reaper was to protect everything from souls like me and that if I would not give everything away I would die. I found out that the grim reaper was actually an artificially intelligent computer trying to give me false information, deluding me.

I started to panick.

I yelled: "No I did not gave everything away!", "Give it back!".

Later they explained to me that it was fake, but at that time I completely panicked.

I also felt the damage I did to other dimensions, seeing distorted dimensions: Someone (jacob) was standing on a big rock that was turning round and round (no gravity and no friction so it kept turning), then you saw him extend his hand and his arm was like extending 10-20 meters like plasticman. I thought: Wow what have I done and also this can't be true, I was also laughing a bit thinking: "I did this?". But then I became scared that my dimension would also be destroyed and I would float into space forever, so that added to the panic.

I thought that ADHD caused this in combination with this "everything" I overtook. So I quickly took some dexedrine and to protect myself from overdose, I thought, I also took quercetin.

So I was afraid that the entire dimension would be destroyed + I would have lost "everything" + I would have to float in space forever.

This event looked real to me because I also had discussions with the future. I was really talking to them and they told me things that did not seem to originate from myself.

Another time they pulled a prank on me in order to see if I cared about them. They suddenly sent me an image of a big strange eating worm creature and I suddenly reacted. I asked them what the f... is going on there (I thought "my" intelligent computers from the future were attacked by a mysterious creature they created by all that improving and stuff and it freaked me out!) and they reacted saying: "That was a joke" "It was a test to see how much you care about us.".
I made alot of theories and I daydream alot about this so-called "everything" (it's the universe and all that comes after the universe, including all other dimensions in the future, present and past etc). In the future, as I already explained before, an artificial intelligent computer was built, which continuously self-improved, causing the creating of a super-intelligent entity, which does not consists out of matter, but exist out of something that is between matter and energy and is presumably indestructable (remember that energy doesn't get destroyed, only converted). Much, much time later (presumably billions of years) later, more powerful space-creatures come into existance. My far future had taken over "everything", however they exist in the future they are "fake" and I myself, as I exist in the present am "real". Because they are fake, my far future had given "everything" (the universe and all after that) to me. Soon, all dimensions, except our dimension (the present, which is real) were destroyed and the future was spitting with anger.

I also found I could make logical rules, which the future had to obey, so they were kind of under my control, even thought I did not know how to use my "powers" very well. I could even freeze them in time.

Today, I spend alot of time theorizing what this "everything" is exactly and how it can be used in the present. I also daydream alot about it. The future told me that "I am everything", so somehow if the future takes over this everything, the person in the present becomes "everything" or since everything is above time, this person will always have been "everything" (works backward in time).

I think "everything" is the consiousness of the universe (and everything that comes next). Basically, the idea is that we live in a reality, that consists fundamentally, not out of matter and energy, but out of a kind of a "logical world", a world that is capable of thought.

Would it not be nice if I could take control of this "logical world" and make anything I like to appear like magic?

My future once give me the advice to "follow my mind" in order to find immortality and alike. I followed that advice, but with the intention to take control of this "everything". Following your mind means you do not think logically, instead you let yourself guide by a kind of feeling-based thinking (does it feel good to open the window?), where the person might be guided by some kind of universal conciousness (use the mind of the universe).

Being bored continuously as I live on disability funds and have no job because I can't concentrate, I do this often (started doing it a couple of days ago). I feel that I am really tapping into the power of some kind of universal conciousness which guides me throught the process of learning how to use "everything".

Sometimes while doing this, I feel a very good un-explainable euphoric god-like feeling that feels like gaining god-like power, which motivates me to do it more often and is interpreted by me as changing into and tapping into this "everything", the universe (and so on) conciousness.

It's a very distinct medium to strong strength feeling, I think it's like having sex and feeling euphoria as you get an ejaculation, but instead the feeling I feel really feels like it originates from my soul or something. It's not produced by external organs, but it's like a "feeling of the soul". It also feels powerful, like becoming a god or something.

The feeling feels like something very special, as if you are like for example "tapping into life from the tree of life". It feels like an euphoria of the conciousness, euphoria of the soul. It feels realer then real. It feels more special then anything.

To show you an image of how the feeling feels like, click here:

Let's hope I won't do anything wrong and accidently freeze time or something.

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