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Post Re: Nutritional Ketosis

I've been doing (flexible) Paleo for the past 4 years and as strict as possible Keto for the past 5 months, with intermittend fasting.

I can confirm it works and can make you feel way better.

Keto needs some adapting, you can't really eat carb foods at all. What you get (about 5% of calories) is mostly trough the carbs already in your vegetables.
This means that coming from a high carb your body runs on glucose and you want it to run on ketones, when you get into the state of ketosis you will run on fat wich doesn't spike your insuline as much. So it's also great for losing weight if you struggle with that.

To get your body into a fat burning state you first need to give your body a week or so to adjust, during this week you will likely feel pretty miserable unless you are already eating fairly healthy.

But yeh keto works great, simply because i don't have as much insuline coursing troung me. I also eat once or twice a day only. No snacks, no little bites or even another scoop of coconut oil trough my coffee.

I wake up at 5, put a few slices of organic bacon in the pan, mix 2 eggs with fullfat coconut cream, spring unions, kurkuma, himalyan rocksalt, pepper and whatever herb i feel like that day. Then i goto work at about 6 and won't eat anything until 1800. At dinner it's always mostly vegetables with a serving of meat or fish or some oven dish like califlower pizza or zuchhini lasagna.
My job as infra electrician is often demanding and has quite abit of hard labor daily, before i started keto i was eating paleo, and i was eating SO MUCH MORE then right now. Looking back im not even sure how i could. I wouldn't eat breakfast most of the time but i would grill and sauté a Kilo (35ounces) of frozen vegetables every morning to take to work. And i would eat it all and still be hungry, while not really having a great focus. It was much better then before paleo for sure but nothing too epic to go without meds or anything.

Now however i found that [color="Red"]simply keeping your bloodsugar in check will severely impact your ability to focus[/COLOR. That's why intermittend fasting works so well, for me at least. I tried a 3 day fast and on day 3, during work we had todo something pretty complicated and alot of people where there (these two things never mix well with me) but i was able to completly eredicate them from my attention and focus JUST on the task at hand.. something absolutely unthinkable without drugs, yet here i was being very impressive without ever realizing it (until right now actually).
On keto it's so easy to simply -not- eat, as you are almost seamlessly tapping into your body's fat stores and running on that, and while it is your entire digestion system is relaxing and restoring, freeing energy and apparantly giving focus.

The only way this works if you practice a HEALTHY ketogenic diet with GOOD FATS, this is absolutely critical, you have to have minerals and vitamines stored for this to be a good option, so first go healthy (basically eat alot of leafy vegetables) for a few weeks and only then start intermittend fasting. During the fasts i would still take a magnesium-zinc-calcium tab twice a day btw.

Whatever, wichever you do or decide. By far the most important thing todo is sleeping well, there is no substitute to a good night's sleep. This is step one for everything brain related.

Watch what you eat but even more what you don't eat, meditate daily, turn off your devices before bedtime and don't play intense video games before bed.
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