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Re: ADHD Symptoms and Dietary Connections

Originally Posted by jebje View Post
Coincidentally, I did try the diet without artificial coloring, aspartame, e-numbers, sugar, milk, eggs, and I felt odd at first (probably withdrawal from over-consuming the stuff), but then I really did feel like I could focus a whole lot better. However, some people around me said I seemed more unfocused than usual (they didn't know I had ADD). Could have been placebo.

Just my two cents...
Maybe it's the same effect I had. When my ability to follow a conversation went from at best 40% to about 80% my wife thought my talking increased and listening got worse, but I know listening is MUCH better. The difference she sees is her thinking I was listening before, but I wasn't and just agreeing and not saying anything because I had no idea what she was talking about. I would only tune in when questions were asked. Now, I'm actually in the conversation and talking more and asking questions which uncovers when I'm not listening, unlike when I don't say anything.
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