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Re: how does ADD affect your cooking?

Originally Posted by WhiteOwl View Post
I have that problem, too! I love to bake things from scratch, but looking up the recipes, buying the right ingredients, getting everything ready and then the cleanup, ugh!

The other day, I went to make meatloaf and instead of putting the meat in a bowl to mix with all the ingredients and put in the loaf pan, I put it in the skillet on the stovetop and started cooking it! Then I went, "What am I doing?!" and took it out. My mind was in lala land. I swear, I can't think and do things at the same time.I also can't talk with someone while I do things or I forget what I'm doing, and that includes cooking.

I often underestimate the time it takes to cook something and we end up eating dinner late. I usually don't decide what we're having for dinner, until right before I start making it. My kids will ask what we're having for dinner and I'm like "How should I know? That's two hrs away! I haven't even thought that far ahead yet!"
You sound just like me! I become frustrated with myself for being so indecisive and/or forgetful. I've ruined many a recipe by leaving out an ingredient, misreading the directions, or even leaving an ingredient completely out. Drives me crazy! As a result, there are many times I'm like "why bother"...let's just order pizza!
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