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Please help

So here I am at this forum. We all have our stories. As a person with a big honest heart I am I need to share what my heart tells me to do. Therefore I am here, sharing this with you in this forum. Please listen, please do not judge. I am lonely, I feel lonely. And I know that we both know, that you, yes you who reads this probably are feeling this too. This perfect word, best known as empathy. Yes, empathy. This is just my honest experience, I have this feeling that few people can imagine what really empathy is and how we practise this in our daily life. By the meaning of this, I simply refer to those who can practise empathy. Please, just these plain figurative words explain enough. If you out there have this gift of empathy, please do share this with not only me, but those who are in need. I am so sorry if this sound incomprehensible or unknown to you, where as my feelings have taken over. I am sorry if am egosentric to you. I am sorry if I am breaking any forum rule, that this does not belong in this thread. I am also sorry if do you not not fully understand my purpose with this and my grammar. Since I am not of english origin, please excuse me. Please do send me a private message, plead answers with a non judgmental but humble behavior. I am sorry if this is the last last you hear from me. Please help.
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