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Re: What has been your experience with strattera?

Originally Posted by Alphawave View Post
Hi there, 40 mg they do call a sub optimal dose on every bit of searching I've done. 80 mg seems to be the recommended.

It took 3 months to fully "kick in" with me and it's perfect. What I like the most is that it's 24 hour and I take it once in the evening. There's no up and down that I've experienced with stimulants.

I sort of knew it would work with me eventually after the first dose. I felt calmer and more confident, it was almost like a wave of relaxation.
Thanks, that is good to hear. Not having the up and downs is definitely something that I would benefit from as I definitely noticed that with stimulants.

I felt that calmer and more confident wave of relaxation when I first started taking it, I guess I need to stick with it and will ask my doctor about increasing the dosage.
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