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Re: Am i on correct dose?

Originally Posted by DarkMaGiicS View Post
I know what effect your talking about. But this effect was different, This was like, Sticking to a project and stay focused to it, I never use to give up on stuff i found a challange, But now after that 126mg i feel asif that feeling has gone, So i'm basically still getting distracted and lack motive since hospital gave me 126mg but before hand i was able to focus on something for ages even if it was a challange to do.

The motive your talking about made me want to do EVERYTHING and get it done within minutes, this motive feeling was completely different to the stimulant physical effect
The motivation that makes you want to do everything and quickly is what's called the "honeymoon" period I felt the same for the first 3 days on amphetamine, but with time you don't feel this effect anymore. The only way to reproduce this effect is by taking larger doses (which leads to addiction, drug abuse, harm and more tolerance etc...) or by taking 1 or 2 weeks off. Don't try to chase that feeling again.
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