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Hi everyone,
I知 29 y/o and I知 new here, I found this site by accident and I知 very glad.
I think I have ADD. I知 not officially diagnosed yet, but I match the description.
I always associated ADD with hyperactivity and I知 the opposite, in fact I知 very shy and suffer from anxiety, and because of that I never though I might have ADD. Lately I知 having a very difficult time dealing with everything and I can稚 function at home or work. I daydream all the time, at work I frequently have to tell myself to snap out of it otherwise I would sit at my desk all day and stare out the window. I procrastinate all the time and always forget everything like paying my bills, and I知 constantly late. This is just a short list of the symptoms I知 experiencing; I知 still trying to understand everything that痴 going on with me.
(It took me almost 3o min to write this short paragraph..I just can稚 get my thoughts in order))
Thanks for reading
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