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Re: Is medication good or bad for substance abuse

Originally Posted by psychopathetic View Post
After reading your personal opinion is they'd be bad for you IMHO.

I think this is what a TON of people try to say to themselves before their drug use really amps up and starts destroying their lives.

...My biggest fear is that you'd end up over using/abusing the stimulants to try and get you through...or that you'd mix them with other drugs to try and enhance the highs.
At any rate I don't think you can responsibly take presupposition stimulants at this time in your life.

Sorry for being so harsh .
I appreciate your comment and your honesty. I am also worried that prescription stimulants would be bad for me, that's why i wrote this thread. But many people use them and it seems to work?

Why do you think that i would not be able to use stimulants responsibly? And how could I be more responsible? I really want this to work, its about my education and my future. When I self medicate I always take dosages seriously and know that one cant chase a high. My philosophy when it comes to drugs is to use the lowest effective dose possible and to take breaks to keep tolerance low and the receptors clean.
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