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Re: Why does Adderall seem best ADHD med and why likely doc won't prescribe?

I asked my doctor for dexedrine to take when I'm studying. He said "There's no point in taking both".

If I ask my psychiatrist for Adderall, she'll say no because I have schizophrenia. But I'm sure that it won't make me psychotic. I'm already medicated heavily for psychosis and psychiatrists in the psych ward have always been on board with me taking stimulants with my antipsychotics.

I should ask my psychiatrist for dexedrine to take in the evening with the 40mg Vyvnase. She will probably be concerned with addiction which is BS. Sure, I'm dependent on them but that makes addiction less likely. I'm just really struggling to focus when I'm studying at the end of the day so I made a pot of coffee lol..

It just really sucks.
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