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My Vyvanse and needed Dr. advice please...

Hey gang,
I'm posted about this before and always got great responses so here it goes. I've been on Vyvanse for about 7 years and love it. I take 70mg daily and at first, it lasted the whole work day. As expected, it gradually tapered off and I was noticing the dropoff around 2pm every day. So, for the last 4 to 5 years, I've been advocating for a booster in the afternoons to help me get through my day at work. My job is boring, complicated and extremely detailed and I'd probably be without my job if it weren't for Vyvanse. With the prescribing doctor, he would say no to the booster and would offer other methods to keep my attention going like meditation, etc. A few years ago, I had to switch to my wife's insurance due to costs and got a new doctor, a psychiatrist. At first, Kaiser permanente didn't offer Vyvanse so I had to change meds immediately. We tried everything and eventually, he got special permission to get me back on Vyvanse at 70mg. At that time, I let him know my previous problem of the drug wearing off and what not. He said he cannot go above 70mg daily of that drug. He could reduce it and give me like 10mg of Adderal. We tried and didnt work so I just shut up and have been on Vyvanse 70mg daily. It's a year later and I pleaded my case again and was rebuffed. Instead, he uppped my Effexor to 225mg daily from 175mg about a week ago. Long story short, I'm frustrated and friends have told me to try another doctor but how will that look? Should I? What am i doing wrong or what should I be telling him? It just seems like it's a no win situation with him and I'm frustrated. I need to be solid all day long at work and the last 6 months, i'm not. Any advice would help. Thank you!
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