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Actually Chadwick,

If acidifying your urine is what you are trying to do, OJ won't do it. When my husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant, our OB/GYN told us to drink OJ to make his system more alkaline, so as to not kill off the sperm. I questioned her on this, and she said contrary to popular belief, while OJ is acidic going in, it's alkaline going out. I don't know if the same would hold true for Vit. C, I'd guess not. She also told me to drink OJ to avoid relapses of interstitial cystitis. Most doctors will have women drink cranberry juice, which is very acidic, but killer to those of us with IC, which is basically like having ulcer in the bladder. So, if you want to acidify, might want to consider cranberry juice instead, and it doesn't take much at all, maybe 4 oz.
Good luck with that. I'd try it for you, but like I said, I can't do the acidic stuff.

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