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OJ his OK, Chadwick, but I eat bananas for the potassium instead of other snacks--a tip from a once-bulemic friend. There's more here ...

One medium banana packs 450 mg. But potatoes actually top bananas in
potassium content: a medium baked potato or 20 French fries have 750 mg. Other good

Other sources include cantaloupe (500 mg per cup), beet greens (650 mg per one-half cup cooked), spinach, winter squash and Swiss chard (all around 450 mg per one-half cup cooked). And don't overlook the common bean. One-half cup of cooked lima beans tips the potassium scale at 475 mg; pinto and black beans dish out 400 mg potassium per half-cup serving. Potassium is water soluble, so leaches into water during cooking. A boiled potato, for example, loses at least half its potassium to the water it's boiled in. To reduce this loss, try steaming, microwaving, sauteing or even frying vegetables instead of boiling them. Keep the cooking water and add it to soups, stews and casseroles to increase their potassium content.
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