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Sounds like you're undertaking a bit of a literature review. I have a few suggestions:

-Studies have been done involving tolerance and hypersensitivity (off the top of my head the frequency of doses is the main variable... maximizing excretion may increase negative side effects over time)
-Ascorbic acid has complex elimination characteristics. Other substances are probably more reliable at decreasing urine pH.
-Steady state levels are something that your physician expects when prescribing a drug such as adderall. Consider the effects of disrupting this.
-Amp is a very old drug and has an extensive history in studies, which equates to tons of good data over the past 40 to 50+ years. There should be ample statistics available to confirm/dismiss your idea with some validity.

In response to one of the posts above, it's actually the metabolic products of OJ that make your urine alkaline rather than your body responding to acidity. The body doesn't tend to overcompensate in its' responses because doing so would waste a lot of energy.
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