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Re: Adderall - first thread post since registration - anxious/nervous, dousy of a thr

"Some-one/people please read all the way. Tell me to stay "cool", just continue being honest with everyone involved and that I don't need to be concerned."


Hang in there....It does sound like you are finally on the right track after the years of treating the side effects of the ADHD. Your post to me looks like you are correct about "Further, well beyond when medication would be ineffective for duration today, all the possible repletion and lack of clarity in this post as I type it." as you have done a lot of the same stuff I do with typing....reversed letters and skipped ones, as well as being a little wordy. Spell check is my friend, and you wouldn't want to read my posts before corrections and editing.

If you can it may be worth doing a lot of brutal editing so you can get more folks to read about your MAIN concerns. Turn it into the "reader's digest " version if you will. I had a hard time remembering what you were saying by the time I reached the end, and it was a lot of work trying to comprehend all that. Most of us here can't handle the "wall of words" approach.

And, don't worry about the stigma. If medication helps, living life more productively should be reward enough...what other people think or say about me is really not my concern nor should it be my motivation. Don't go out of your way to tell folks about it either, especially those who are not affected by it.

Some places have self help groups for ADHD adults.. You might want to look into that but remember not to base your treatment on what works for others. Our bodies react differently to medications. Coping skills are what you can get from a group, as well as a safe place to talk about your concerns.

Best wishes for success on your path. Hang in there and it will be worth it.

What do you do for work that takes 8-10 hours? And what is the story behind your handle? (Motorbike or bicycle?)

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